When I heard of Mark Zuckerberg in Nigeria that really got my full attention !

OK, Nigeria, a country that is so terribly corrupt, where gender equality doesn’t count, where human rights are just words, where people die just on the streets, where child marriage and child soldiers are normal, where in the following months it’s estimated that more than 40.000 children will starve, where:

* President Muhammadu Buhari sells his country to just everyone who pays good money (Chinese, Russians, Americans,….),

* where it seems impossible to find one of the most horrible terrorists, slaughters called Boko Haram – you will remember that we still miss our 200 girls – (we see the most incredible things by satellite, people can hack governments, but this guy in Nigeria, I think it’s for more than 10  years?, we can’t find him)!

After a lot of international pressure President Buhari brought back 50 of the 200 kidnapped girls by Boko Haram.

—update: thanks to Switzerland’s negotiation with Boko Haram just another 21 kidnapped girls were freed!

Are we sure that someone wants to find Boko?

He is a great client for arms, he contracted a lot of mines and land from Nigeria, he kidnaps girls for his soldiers if they need new and young wives, boys if he needs to increase his army… do I need to say more?

Are we sure that someone is honestly interested in Nigeria or to change the actual system, the ? This president is great for everyone who wishes to buy a piece of Nigeria! mineral ressources, mines,  …

Now I come to Mark Zuckerberg!

Can you believe it, that he visited Nigeria and intends to help Nigeria for digital progress?

40.000 children will die and thousands of Nigerians more for hunger, exploitation, slavery, politically persecuted?

Do these people need digital progress??

We really should ask them!

For sure: don’t negotiate with Buhari! He even gets more promotion!

P.S. International governments compliment Nigeria because once in a while government “cares” in stopping Boko and arrests some of his soldiers or he builds schools for all children (hopefully they will have the strength and energy to visit school) or he grants women rights as long as they have nothing to say.

First Lady seems to react quiet cool:

Aisha Buhari