Milena Gabanelli, considered as one of the authentic, untimidated Italian journalists researched, investigated and published the incredible connection of World Power. We all knew that there must be one supreme government above all who reigns the happening of the whole World. 

When I was little, I already knew that there of course is God, but for me, Donald Duck reigned the World. That was the childish way of it. Today we know more… too much more and dreams vanish..

Pointless to say, that immediately after Milena Gabanelli published her video, it disappeared. Youtube, media, TV, everyone had to erase it… but I saw a part of it!

—the Italian Peoples’ political movement “5 Stelle” (I’m not a fan) saved a copy, that was clever —

Like an incredible Hollywood film, the World has ONE leader:

The accusation of  Gabanelli makes the World “fear”! Who reigns our world?

“When politics doesn’t work it becomes “technical”, or rather technocracy. You could see technical governments followed one after another in Italy after the piloted fall of Silvio Berlusconi – and particularly one man: Mario Monti, was everwhere.”

With these words Gabanelli starts her video, which reveals what many do not know and what others do not want to make people to know ..

I try to be short, but this is complicate:

In the 80th USA, Europe and Japan founded  on request of Mr. Rockefeller the “Trilateral Commission”, so called “Bilderberg Group“, to redesign the world. From that moment on this group never stopped meeting once a year and also today they still decide on politics and the planet. One focus is to reduce democracy, granting more power to goverments and less to parlaments, more “technocracy”, fiscal dictatorship (and not only), less politics.

Europe was one design (sovereignty, Euro and EU).

Today, if one country’s financials collapse, the whole world is involved financially (guess who knows it and guides it)…

Think for instance of Greece and Italy in the European Union. They threaten Europe, …then the world.

? Who is in this powerful group? Italians ?

  • Mario Monti, former President of the Trilateral Committee, today covered by
  • Jean-Claude Trichet, coincidentially as Mario Monti the former President of the Beglian Lobby Brugel,
  • Jean-Claude Trichet is also President of the Group of the “30” (most powerful people of worldwide finance), another member of the “30” is
  • Mario Draghi, today President of Central European Bank,  who superseded Jean-Claude Trichet.
  • Peter Sutherland, Honoray President of the Trilateral Committee… haha, I can’t believe it, he’s the President of Goldman Sachs. Mario Monti, Mari Draghi worked for him at Goldman’s!  You remember Goldman in US concerning the subprime loan crises and in Italy for the BTP sale….the same bank that helped Greece in its “creative financial operations” and the same people who established Mr. Papademos in Greece.
  • Other members of the Trilateral Committe are Enrico Letta (former Italian Prime Minister) , Vice President of “Aspen Italia”.
  • John Elkann, President of FIAT and another Vice President of “Aspen Institute of Italy”, President of the biggest media group of Italy and, last but not least he is a regular visitor of Bilderberg,
  • Enrico Tommaso Cucchiani, 
  • Marcello Sala 
  • Gianfelice Rocca 
  • Giuseppe Vita 
  • Marco Tronchetti Provera, Pirelli President, medias, executive member of the Association of Industry, Vice-President of Mediobanca!
  • and many more…..

When “Ducati” entered the Trilateral Committee it’s useless to say, that the company finally succeeded to sell to the German “Audi“.

Do we now understand who decides on money , on financial markets? at least in Italy, then in Europe and then throughout the world ! Think global!, also in this unfortunate cases.

They would never make space to new unencumbered people –they vote one another! Not even “vote” just “install” their own people!

In US, who is part?

Of course and forever most feared, powerful, controverse former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger…. and?

We should convince Milena Gabanelli to follow on her amazing research.  For sure, WE,

we all should at least know that, THERE IS a Donald Duck who stocks our money!!


Part of the Video

Bilderberg Group