The state in a city, Roma, in a country, Italy.Own passports, a government in a government,  one of the most influential state and people of the world.

The Vatican!

All Christians love the Vatican. When you walk into this amazing, spiritual and majestic place, you can actually feel the power! You feel touched, better, religious and united within a very special world.

You testimony the richness, feel the energy and all the stunning beauty and ‘grandezza‘ around you.

The Christians origin, believe and future, all together makes the Vatican untouchable,  unique and ‘holy’ to the Christians and believers and not only, the Vatican attracts worldwide visitors of many religions and proudly exposes its history and buildings and museums attractive to many people.

If you are a businessman, think of the most ancient company of the world, the Vatican counts 2016 years and went through all centuries, wars,  history, dictators and the VATICAN is still there. Scandals, time and people changing (marriage of homosexual people, condoms yes/no, abortion, divorce…), the Vatican just goes straight forward with solid believe and trust as for more than 2000 years! If you are a businessman this must be the best formula ever.

But, the Vatican is YES, a very powerful and solid company, but at the same time a state, a government. Own rules, own legislation,  own security, own courts and billions of followers.  All this makes it unique.

We all know that scandals are the worst for this establishment. Many many scandals in all these, over 2000 years, were discovered are so many that, we of course don’t remember.and this is good.

I recently saw a quiet interesting film called “Spotlight” and it brings back a lot of memories, many scandals of the church, that time passing, we forgot or this information was storaged in our subconsciousness. We don’t want to believe that our church can go that far.

My question to the Vatican and even more to all Christians is:

do you remember? 

Do we know what happened after the scandals? For example the priests that were accused of pedophile, what happened? 

I understand that a state and a powerful one has its own courts and own legislation, but the victims need answers.WE would need answers.

I can’t question the effectiveness of the Vatican since it proved that the system works for all these centuries and be sure that the Vatican will be exactly in the same place for another 2000 years at least, but where will be the victims? Can they forget? Will their religious believe help them to manage life? Will they be happy again?

Like a state and a powerful one the Vatican guided wars, starting from the crusades, succeeded to unite East and West Europe again, poisoned popes that questioned or wished to modernise too much, tried to clean up. The Bank of Vatican stored for ages Mafias’ money, washed money in its bank. 

So if you intend to build up a profitable business for 2000 years, some very hard, unethical and difficult decisions await your determined answer. 

I believe in God, I believe and I pray, but I don’t believe in the people that have that much power. They become just powerful people and that for me isn’t necessarily associated to true religious values.