I’m really sorry for what the Brangelina family is going through,  I’m really am!

Anyhow I can’t be more sorry than for anyone else in my neighborhood or people that I heard of, just because media brings up the subject daily!

I’m really thinking of their children and what they are going through and how media make them feel different and a ‘unique case’. Brangelina’s children,  poor littles, will feel so unfortunate, more than any other child that has the same battle, because their case is so much of interest to anyone.

I know that newspaper and gossip and all medias are selling so much more because of Brangelina’s kids and their pics and if they are allowed to see the father Brad and all, but pls people let’s not be responsible for destroying the life of these children because of gossip!

Please all, go away from this cheap and destructive news and gossip and look around your areas and friends –  I’m sure there is so much good WE all can do just in our neighbourhoods!