All in all its a very sad history and outcome,  again and once more, especially for the people!  A lot of killing from all sides and nothing! 

We left Afghanistan and we even gave more, new power to the Taliban!  What a success. After lots of human lifes from both sides and millions of Dollars for a completely useless war!  We would think that Vietnam taught the world something, but no…

If not Vietnam,  maybe history should have told something to our leaders, decision makers, but NO. History,  who cares!  …”We change history,  we make a new history.” Incompetence and little knowledge of history and culture and countries background,  never bring great results. 

Afghanistan was never conquered in modern times! Russians also tried for 10 years in the late 70th.  The country, mountainous,  difficult,  religious integralism and lack of human rights and progress, make this county impossible to conquer. Afghan leaders, Taliban would all die before handing over their country and, you can’t combat them in this mountains and extreme hidden places. They know their country, we don’t. 

The outcome after all these sacrifices?

Despite gains toward building a stable central government, a resurgent Taliban and continuing provincial instability — particularly in the south and the east — remain serious challenges for the government of Afghanistan.

...We left and especially women,  children are left behind even worse than before and more and more refugees are coming from Afghanistan!…