1969 for millions of people a dream came true! 

USA with Apollo 11 succeeded to land on the moon and Neil Armstrong as the first person from earth put his foot on the surface of the moon. People in front of TV crying, celebrating, exhilarated for this unique historic happening and USA expressed all its world power and lead towards Russia!

And still, one of the most incredible conspiracy theories put many, quiet logical, doubts on all moon missions:

Did we never land on the moon?

1976 William Kaysing, who worked at Rocketdyne, a supplier of Saturn-V-Rockets published the book “We never went to the moon” and spreads maybe the biggest conspiracy theory ever! Approx half a million of people believe him.

Kaysing’s facts are actually based on some logic and understandable theories and deserve to be heard! What if all was not real? If Apollo 11 never left earth? 

Not beeing an engineer, nor a space expert, for me the most easy to understand doubts are:

All pictures and videos show no stars, while the moon should show bride and amazing stars because there is no air,

The American flag that the astronauts put up flatters with a wind, while there is no wind in a vacuum,

Wrong shadows, while the sun is the moon’s only light source, 

Missing crater of the landing and many more observations.

Analysing pictures and videos actually Kaysing might be right?

In Kaysing’s opinion we were never able to make it to the moon and the accidents that happened to many other Apollo astronauts, quiet questionable ooccurrences, make him support his opinion.

But what if he’s right? If USA, NASA, CIA to demonstrate power during the cold war times with Russia made us believe that’s true and produced an incredible film for us?

What if all these moon landings were produced in Nevada, in the desert, in the high-protected Area 51?

Actually many astronauts doubt that a moon landing is possible, because of the impossibility to survive the passage through the high radioactive Van-Allen belt around earth. No space suit apparently can resist it! And nor Neil Armstrong nor other astronauts came ever home with serious radioactive burning or illnesses. The space suits that they wear are far too thin and would not resist the radioactivity.

It seems that the Van-Allen-Belt also discouraged the Russians to succeed their moon expenditure.

If all this is true we are testimonials of the greatest conspiracy and the greatest film production ever !

Why actually don’t we send anymore anyone to the moon today?

But one good news to make us better understand is, that Japan prepares a moon expedition within the next year’s and if the Apollo shuttles were there, there will be lots of leftovers, such as the landing capsuls, the US flags and more !

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