Do people know know the risks of Fracking?  Did President Trump take the time to evaluate the risks for humans before shouting : “more fracking”? 

Fact is he didn’t! 

EPA even submitted a dossier to President Trump,  but all words confirm that he didn’t even take the time to read it.

Who cares if a country and it’s people die, when having the chance to make the oil and gas industry much richer?

Experts will better report about all involved risks of fracking,  but see some of the most known ones:

-fracking poisons drinking water ressources in the grounds, 

-communities around fracking sites are of higher tumor risk, 

-risks of earthquakes and earth falls increase tremendously, just imagine you are bombing out the inside of the earth filling it with water and dangerous chemical substances,

Chemicals and chemical polluted water used for fracks flowback to grounds’ surface!

-agriculture and cattle around fracking areas and many miles away at high health risk,

-fracking requires per frack approx. 1000-1600 m3 of water what also puts water reserves of communities at risk.

For sure there are many more risks than these, but STAND UP AGAINST FRACKING at least until you are aware and informed about all risks!

Why don’t we just kill the world and its ressources directly without losing time in fracking? Just put a chemical bomb into the ground and accelerate the progress!

“The health risks from fracking are not limited to what’s in our drinking water—oil and gas operations are also poisoning the air we breathe,” said NRDC senior scientist Miriam Rotkin-Ellman. “While industry continues to try to sweep the impacts of fracking under a rug, the science keeps revealing serious health threats—for workers, families living nearby and entire regions with heavy oil and gas activity.”

Risks of fracking nobody wants you to know 

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