​Prominent indivuals that highlight important areas of today’s world issues are very important to create vast awareness. Sad, but true, many important topics and issues and disasters do not reach populations, because today’s readers and youth are gossip-driven or understand topics only if a prominent person or star is carrying the message.

Therefore it is very understandable and for a good reason that also an organisation like the UN counts on (and needs to count on) the media attention of stars and icons! Messages are highlighted and shared by stars and immediately the attention for the topic reaches wide variety of people and different countries, Global distribution. 

Some Ambassadors are very active and take the responsibility and are busy in trying their best for a good cause, but how many of them …. ?

A part from Angelina Jolie and Leonardo di Caprio who else do you remember as an UN Goodwill Ambassador?

OK, thinking about it I might count a few more, like Queen Rania of Jordan (a political head that is quiet unusual anyhow), Michael Douglas and then… I would need to “google” them. Oh right Maria Sharapova because of a recent doping scandal… 

I couldn’t believe it and not only me (thank you!) that “Wonder Woman” a comic figure became UN Ambassador to fight sexism!  

Who is responsible for appointing the Ambassadors? It can’t be true that more and more people not necessarily personalities, comic icons are appointed! 

How about Superman? 

Wonder Woman’s ambassadorship was cancelled after only a few weeks thanks to 2000 UN employees that were shocked as we should be and succeeded in cancelling the ambassadorship. 

I can’t think of a more inappropriate representative as Wonder Woman against sexism! That’s comic for sure! 

How can an organisation like the UN put itself into such a ridiculous situation?  Can it be that there aren’t enough women that could represent the cause and fight for this import topic ? 

UN ! represent yourself and do your work and assure peace and security, what we miss today!  without losing time for decisions that need to be reversed again! 

? Let’s only guess how many meetings, time, paper work and budget this action required ?