The generation of the 35-50 year olds are or divorced or in second marriage or single,

the 60-70 year olds are quiet often in first marriage.

What changed?

What is so different?

We all know, that today we want more (?), we are seeking for the perfect match, we are not patient, we don’t like compromises, we get bored, we are expecting more from life, we give up instead of giving chances??

Are we fully seriously in love, ready for compromises, going through good and bad times at time of marriage? Or do we just don’t think into future and take “love/attraction” for enough to last without thinking further into future?

I always believed that after the initial years of wild love and fatal attraction, there will come a time that couples need to mature, to go even deeper into love, that I call “deep respect” , full understanding and dedication to the person that you feel as your friend, as your soul mate, as your trusted partner, you share all your feelings and life experience, you are there for each others, you really care. THIS for me is actually real love, the essence of love! This comes even and only after the initial love or so called attraction.

But there are only a few, that understand that second stage of love, real love and common life.

Most of us are fed up when attraction passes, when feelings (not love) are changed, when for the first time snoring gets on our nerves, when disorder or an open toothpaste make us discuss !

If in this stage you catch the sign, you come back to the point when you started and why you started to love this person, you might get the turn, you might save your union, you might go on for ever!

If you allow yourself to stress little mistakes or habits and get nervous about it and go on and don’t break the point by going on into deeper black holes, the path for another divorce might be really close.

Sometimes taking time, relax, sit down and write the good and the bad of your partner on paper and look at it, talk to your partner, solve problems, take the chance to exchange what both of you don’t like any longer….

BECAUSE : don’t think that the next partnership will be any easier!!!