Who can stay 1 full day, 24 hours without his smartphone ?

Try it out and analyse if you are addicted or not.

Youth can’t, adults?

Adults argue with their children because they don’t speak, they don’t discuss, they don’t participate at lunch / dinner, because they continously look and type –

THE smartphone, life!

Let’s all go back to the basis of education:

-at table phones, calls, external interruptions are NOT allowed.


because it’s not educated to not participate at family conversation. Tell us about your day, school, friends, teachers, love(?) or questions, doubts that you have….

Get used again on how to make conversation, how to entertain a table, people, how to talk, put questions in the room, wait for answers, be charming, funny, easy conversation …

Imagine the world from now in 5 years time… imagine….

My thoughts are that today’s youth, will not know where West, East, North and South are? If we need to go somewhere we activate Google maps. We don’t recognise where we pass through. We don’t know which villages, towns we are passing through… We don’t look at a map and see the streets and need to figure out which Street or highway we need to follow… to go from here to there? we input it on the navigator and just go: right, left, straight, follow on for 50 miles….

What is this?

One example of many: Geography ? is just “swept” away. My smartphone thinks for me and chooses the right way to take.

What happens if you are writing a message? of course we don’t write letters or postcards anymore (I loved to receive postcards!). You write and the smartphone library corrects your words. You don’t need to know who to write properly this word or the other.

Translation, another option. Not yet really good, but will our future children need to learn a language? Sit at home and learn vocabulary? Grammar?

Humans are getting more and more computers, the brain is managed by smartphones, no thinking is required, less and less, BUT

let’s all be very careful that the content that we get from the virtual intelligence is good content! If not, bad content will program brains with violence, terrorism and “bad” behavior.

The only way to avoid that you let your brain think with your smartphone is to take the time to read good and intelligent books, use your hand and write a letter once in a while, look at a map and recognize that Miami is East and Los Angeles West, and be critical, very critical with the Internet, news and all social media!

Help to encourage people, youth, children to form their own ideas, to criticise and even more to use their brains! !!

If you are used to use your own brain and if you are critical, you might avoid to be programmed with bad content!