Very different, confusing, often irritating and quiet childish comments, statements and decisions, but NOW Mr. Trump you could actually proof the US Super Power!? Trump power?

The political world situation is so delicate, dangerous and unstable, that no prediction or nothing right or wrong can be foreseen.

Syria, again and again, death, killing, chemical weapons, desperation, children, women, refugees – we saw and still see it all!

Russia in the middle, dictator Putin puts his hands on oil, money and any power he can get. Syria thankful for another ill man following the ill man. What is this? What is going on?

China tolerating, EU discussing, US has Trump.

I believe there are only two options:

1) World War III, because if we, anyone gets bastard and dictator al-Assad killed or out and frees Syria, Russia may attack whoever attacked Syria.

2) The sight of: why wasn’t it done before? Why so many people, children needed to die before someone took the courage to get al-Assad out, dead or alive, but out and hopefully tortured like he tortured his people. And the world will become a little milestone further and solved at least one terrible conflict.

I learned from the film “the Leopard(one of the greatest films ever):

When all changes, nothing changes!


Syria Chemical Attack

The Leopard