Just another, hugh human catastrophe is tackling Africa, East Africa. Hunger, thirst, epidemics, death…

Nobody knows and estimates are so different, most probably up to 14 million!! people may die.


Climate change is a problem and a big one, but it’s not all. Super corrupt leaders bring their own countries, their own populations to death and they don’t care. When the big crises arrive and the world attention drive to a country, their governments just ask for international aid, funds and support.

Its of utmost importance to help and to save the people and to stop death, but at the same time we, our governments, need to stop these corrupt rulers instead of helping them out!

These corrupt rulers don’t make an effort to develop their countries even with international money, they don’t give access to credits, to seeds, to agricultural development to the people that doesn’t vote for them or that are close to opposition leaders. They sell their countries, soil, ressources to the best offers, they exploit their countries!…until the crisis arrives…

We all need to stop this massive crises, to save the children and the people, BUT at the same time we need to make sure that these leaders and politicians will never rule their countries again!

HELP THE PEOPLE, chose the right organisations, NGOs or foundations, but make sure, that especially during human crises you don’t feed even more these leaders!

Many, most African countries should take as an example to democracy and good leadership Senegal. Everyone can learn a lot from Africa to Africa!

A very intersting way to see the East African human crises, who failed ?