It’s so important that our world can count on outstanding personalities and real ‘caretakers‘, people that put lots of their energy, money and new inventions into the poorest countries to make a difference and to support them.

How many of these private people, real and authentic philanthropists do we know? From how many of this people that name themself philanthropists do we know what they are actually supporting to ‘end extreme poverty’ or to ‘stop AIDS’ or ‘Malaria’ or to ‘save the planet’?

A pledge is nothing more than a “promise” . Who checks on the pledges? Who tells us that the person who promised to give 50% of their fortunes to charity (….pledges are meant for “after death and of what is left over”! ) ?

I’m sure that most of us know only a handful of people of the list of the philanthropists, “the Giving Pledge“, who are really active and who are supporting a real cause and who really spend money to make the world a little better.

We need to question if it’s a great PR or for real ? With the sole 40 initial pledges of “the Giving Pledge” presumably 100 Billions of Dollars are expected for charity and for the world! Of course many more billionaires signed the pledge in the meantime, so that the world can expect something like 600 billions.

I’m sure that as soon as a member of the Giving Pledge dies, the other members will go to the family and ask for the “promise to be made true” and to invest the money in valuable projects around the world. That must be how it works, right?

Did you ever hear of what was actually done with the pledges and if pledges were invested? Or are they just good PR or maybe the real saver of our World? Be sure that this money could really change the world!

The Giving Pledge