Lady Diana Spencer was admired, loved and envied when she became the Princess of Wales with more than a Royal wedding. The whole world was looking at her and all the girls wished to be like her, a real beautiful princess!

Her death was another worldwide participation and we all felt a loss and a very special, maybe sad and sometimes very depressed woman left us. 

She made some very big mistakes thinking of her in the role of the future Queen of UK (and later, after divorce, as the mother of the future King of UK), but all the people that loved her, forgave her and just felt for her and her destiny and maybe even close to her, because of her husband’s betrayal. 

When Elton John played and sang “England’s rose” at Princess Diana’s funeral millions of people cried and Diana became a myth.

Her latest fiancé Dodi Al Fayed died with her and his father Mohamed investigated for decades on their deaths. He is sure that it wasn’t an accident but murder. He needed to give up on investigations and if it was murder, there is for sure too much to hide, too many really powerful and fearful personalities and organisations involved. We will never know! Like many unusual deaths of legends, where reality and truth will and can never be revealed.

Why I’m telling all this? Facts that are well known?

…because I have my very own opinion on Princess Diana’s death…

My thoughts are:

-Dodi’s car (the car of the accident) was at a garage before the accident to get some repair?

-When Diana and Dodi jumped into the car in front of the Ritz Hotel in Paris and the driver, always accused of alcohol (…poor guy,  we all know that he wasn’t drunk), rushed off to escape the paparazzis and drove into the tunnel Pont De l’Alma  — … there it happened!

What if: the car at the garage was arranged that the airbag exploded on remote control?

What if: the white Fiat Uno car that followed Diana and Dodi (and was never discovered again) activated the remote control, when: 

in the tunnel at high speed it was impossible to react if an airbag would suddenly explode ? A tunnel full of pillars and in front of the driver an airbag exploding?

If it was murder I would not like to think who’s the power who can organise an apparent accident like this, but if it was murder, it could make a lot of sense to get control of the airbag.

And: who ever could tell us if the airbag exploded before or after crashing into the pillar of the tunnel?