When Obama was close to the election, the world was exhilarated. Participation and hope that something will make this presidency happen was felt worldwide.

Today in 2016, do we really care who reigns our countries? Do we seek for entertainment, nice words, war predicting speeches that will keep us save?, international policy and relationships, DO WE really care?

Every single day the news and channels are reporting new crimes, terror attacks and attempts, more refugees, epidemics, natural catastrophes, war and hunger and more catastrophes. WE are overloaded by world’s problems that we can’t handle anymore. Are WE touched anymore? Maybe yes but for one day or two as long as media will report. Then, and that’s for good, we move on, we have to move on and see to get our lives and families together.

A NEW President is born and US can teach something to the world: “once  a president, whoever, is elected, it’s THE president, it’s OUR president! That is unique, an example”.

BUT does it really matter?

It does!

The financial market, world peace, human rights, international relationships, stock market, wars and refugees and humans and especially the poor depend on it and a world economy like the US influences and guides as well the bad and the good. Therfore WE need to care and should be aware.

But who is the right President?

Do you know how the world will develop and evolve with Trump, with Clinton, with Putin or anyone in the future?

The good answer is that we don’t know and that we need to see what will happen. Maybe what seemed an ‘unusual’ choice might be a good choice?

The today’s world need extreme solutions and decisions, and only time will tell us if millions of Americans chose well for the world! We might be surprised, because no one would like to take over what Mr. Trump is taking over: a World out of order that needs some very brave and thoughtful but concrete decisions!

In God we trust and God save America…and the World!