NBS, USA and media (good or bad) allowed to put the World at tremendous risks and actually I could not better explain it than this documentary:


The whole world will need to handle not only a fool, a liar, a racist, a nuclear fanatic, but also great stupidity of this man, that thinks that he is more powerful than God.

He doesn’t even understand COP 22 and the importance of climate change to solve world hunger, natural catastrophes and all consequences related to it! 

Stupidity can be a real danger, if the person thinks of himsef so very cleverly and intelligently –  these kinds don’t even listen, neither they accept advise. Only humility can make stupid people intelligent, because they accept and recognize their limits and ask for good advise.

Humility comes from the Latin language and I’m sure that Mr. Trump doesn’t understand the meaning of it and if he googles it, he might laugh and think of weak people – so we also can’t even expect humility from Trump.

America!this vote could stop the world being a world and we all hope that at least the Americans are well aware and informed what this would mean! 

Otherwise pls Google it at least!