It seems that Africa and other poor countries never go on… most go backwards…


For sure the today’s terror organisations are part of the setbacks, but that is only one reason and in most countries not the main reason.

International and Multinational companies, big players buy big parts of the poor world from corrupt dictators and with a modern kind of slavery and lowest salaries, no insurance, unaware of employees’ & women rights even where they exist, just strive for maximum profits, and, even where there is work for people, there is minimum life opportunity and extreme poorness that even increase!

NOW and of course as a consequence the rich countries will be overflowed by economic driven refugees and more and more will board on the life threatening boat trips from Africa to Europe or anywhere where they hope in a better future. They are not afraid to die, they would die anyhow in their countries.

Estimated (crazy because nobody knows the real numbers) from 75 to 800 Mill. Africans are on the move... economic driven and terror or war driven people, families, children.

This also means that all the poor countries will furthermore lose their youth and working force.

Please let me comment 3 examples that should make reflect:

1. Burkina Faso:

Today one of the poorest countries of the world (UNDP Human Development Index ranks 183 out of 188 countries), but that wasn’t always the case:

Thomas Sankara, a man that I admire for what he tried to succeed, a man and leader that still 30 years after he was killed the Burkinas honour every year!

“La Patrie ou la Mort, nous vaincrons “ (our fatherland or death, we will win) was his devise.

He was killed after 4 years of presidency, but Burkina Faso became during his influence one of the richest African countries!

He kicked out the international companies that exploited his land, he brought the productions, cotton industy and agriculture back to his people, he freed his population from slavery and went with full transparency and power against corruption. He eliminated limousines for government, also women became important official positions, he fighted restlessly against hunger and for good education and a health system. Big planting against desertification. He named his land finally Burkina Faso (land of non corruption and equality). He forbid genital mutilation, Sankara promoted safer sex and awar against AIDS.  Sankara’s actions and development wasn’t seen well by multinational companies and foreign political (especially by France and USA) and unfortunately provoked his death. He was killed in 1987!

Too beautiful too last?

2. Nigeria:

The worst example! Raising to unbelievable wealth (of course not for the people) by selling piece by piece by a most currupt government!  The country sells anything for money, from energy, to agriculture, to minerals, to terrorism and now (so it seems thanks to Mr. Zuckerberg) digitalisation –  just anything that brings more money into the pockets of the people that govern!

Pictures of the capital Abuja show always laughing and happy children at school and a well established middle and high class, but please go into the country and further away where the government is located and testimony the worst and poorest of livelihood!

But the world and world leaders hyper Nigeria as an example for Africa (it depends from the side perspectives)!

Just, no words!

3. Senegal:

Since Macky Sall became democratically elected president the country has been building up a constant exemplary state, where different religions live together, where employment laws are controlled, where tourism grows, where agriculture models are evaluated to feed the population, where international companies have to accept the employees rights, where women rights are largely respected and applied, where focus on education and climate control grow, where women are allowed to deliver in hospitals free of charge,  where child medicine and medication are free up to the age of 5, and much more…

A constant, secure and healthy growths where corrupt people go to jail, where other African dictators are convicted (first time in history);  all this takes time to be accept by all, change needs time, but it’s the most healthy and exemplary way to bring a poor country up and develop a new world!

Compliments to President Macky Sall!


Therefore help to stop exploitation of poor countries to save the whole world! Exploiters will not accept to make the refugees of exploited countries cross their borders!