Another very sad fact in addition to my previous blog : RICH countries keep POOR countries POOR !

If you are not allowed to exploit people and grounds in your home country,  just look for another country!  

Australian mining companies are linked to hundreds of deaths and injustices in Africa, that of course can only be tolerated in Africa and hopefully silently and hopefully no one will recognise it or get to know about it!

A dark story, sons of families killed, sisters raped, people imprisoned and tutored –  estimated 73 villages were dead when soldiers working for these companies had finished their work!

Just one of many examples: 

Democratic Republic of CONGO (despite a strong and meaningful country name) is supplied with armed forces by these mining companies, armed forces are their paid soldiers and for dollars, housing and food they would do anything, just anything!  

People that resist, rebels, against this fatal exploitation have no chance and end up tortured, imprisoned or killed.

Have a look at this shocking documentations: click on the links

Australia’s fatal mining

Key figures

Environmental Ruin

We should ask ourselves if the big players are actually interested in ending “extreme hunger” , “gender equality” , fair trade, sustainable development, “climate change” and “priority Africa” as documentated and signed in the new SDGs, Global Goals or, if all this is just a very dark game? 

An impressive film to watch:

13 Hours: the inside account of what really happened in Benghazi