Did you ever think about a natural way to influence the sex of your future baby? I guess many do… 

Of course religion and nature tell us that it’s unpredictable to influence if you will get pregnant with a baby girl or boy…

I wanted to know more about it and asked all my friends with children of what they think?

The first curiosity that I noticed was that most women remembered better the night when their baby boy was conceived than the “nights” of the baby girls. That made me think further and I tried to get more answers, that actually were answered better after some glasses of wine!

I got an answer from a group of mothers that is really unexpected to me: 

The women remembered the night when they got pregnant with the baby boys, because it was quiet special, intense, both partners seemed in an extremely great mood for sex and they really had just great and fulfilled sex and it seems to me, of what I heard that, they both enjoyed that night really a lot and in a special way!

I have no idea if this is a documented or realistic or proven way on how to influence the sex of a baby, but for sure it’s kind of interesting and if you are looking for a baby boy, it’s worth a try! It anyhow seems assured that women at least remember it for quiet some time! 🙂 and …baby boy or baby girl the parents will love their baby 👶 !