My goshhhh ! 

How many men you must meet to verify only one thing: “not valid, unstable

Don’t think that I don’t love men or people or that I’m frustated, it’s more a blog story for some dear friends of mine and people that I love and you can, in the same way, turn the sex around and say “no women to marry?” .

What happens? Why the today’s generation of marriable youth doesn’t match? Whats wrong and why it’s not anymore important to be together, united, couples or married?

For sure one reason is “independence“. We need to feel so much independent that we lose the meaning of independence. I never understood why you can’t be independent with a boy / girlfriend. All this theoretical independance lead us to no independance and to a quiet single and unsatisfactory kind of life, where independance is missing. Where couples are missing! 

Second: who wants to take responsibility for someone? Too difficult, too afraid of it, too much burden,  too expensive, why should I be responsible for someone while I just cope fine with myself? I better buy a beautiful new car or watch or a Chanel handbag or great vacations than spending money in a family! 

Third: my plan for future is no plan. I can’t think ahead,  I live and enjoy as much as I can, but pls don’t ask me for tomorrow or future concepts or wishes, because I actually have no dreams and no future visions. I just live day per day, Carpe diem!

Then… maybe I’m quiet afraid of women and of ” performance“,  today everything and anyone is like listed on a list, like on Facebook or others and commented with /by friends. Why should I risk and maybe it’s better to not be a “Casanova” and just keep quiet and without risks.

Fact is that the roles are completely mixed up! Men are no men anymore, no machos, no self confidence,  no “hi honey, I’m here” ! Women on the other way are masculine and like; “I’m satisfied by myself / hey do you have money? / I’m so cool and beautiful, not sure if you can get (not conquer) me! / I don’t need a husband to have sex / I can manage my life by myself”.

This super independance, super coolness, super judging everyone, super no responsibility,  make youth today super single and super lonesome!  That’s the result of our cool independance.  

I know that in the past women had some very tough burden and men went to hunt and were responsible for food and for feeding and taking care of the family. Women had to be at home, care for the children, for the house and many times even for the fields and for the husband. That might have been tough for women, but roles were clear! A man that married knew exactly his expectations and he knew his responsibilities, like women knew theirs. 

I regret sometimes that these basic rules and men / women roles dissappeared and the today’s results are no results and just confusion,  uncertainty and actually ” no plan”!

No rules mean fear, weakness,  confusion and uncertainty. 

Girls, think backwards into the past and admit how beautiful it was when flowers where received at home before going out with a man, when the car door was opened for you and when the man took you from home and drove you back, when you felt like a woman when he bought you dinner, when he kissed you on the stairs before entering home, when he helped you into your coat – When you felt treated like a lady, like a special flower

and men… think of when women were fine and delicate girls and adored your stories, dressed up for you, listened and day dreamed of another date with you and waited in front of the phone for a call and made you feel important,  unique and strong and special! 

I am really not sure if all this women’s superpower did much good. For sure this doesn’t mean that men can take power or rights over women, it should just mean that roles should be very clear to make life easy and without fears and that it’s time that men take again their responsibilities for the sake of happy couples and marriage!