If in 2020 potable water will extinguish in China – if China doesn’t save, conserve and learn sustainable water use and creates enough awareness of water.

The ressource is at real risk! (a great pilot water awareness programme for youth in China is supported by the project WE Water Experience by YOU Foundation and Thirst in China)!

China will just be the first example of many countries to follow facing water scarcity … !

The most stupid and ignorant comment that I heard was: “we still can buy water bottles” ! Where do these people think that water bottles come from? And the tomorrow’s price of bottled water?

Nestlé, a Swiss company, buys groundwater usage rights for many years and it’s one of the biggest scandal! Groundwater rights were bought in China, in Algeria, in Ethiopia and many other countries! And where Nestlé bought these rights, potable water is sold in plastic bottles by Nestlé! With 63 different labels it’s the biggest water giant in 36 countries!

Water is a common human ressource and without water the world stands still, there is no way to survive without water, no electricity, no production, nothing! Did you ever think of what would happen if there is no water? No drinking water?

And now if this unique and most importantly natural ressource to survive belongs to one Multinational company?

It would hit most hardly as always the poorest of the poor, but as well all of us!

If the most important human ressource belongs to one company, you all can imagine what this will mean for the world!


Nestlé will be safe for sure. They own more water rights than any state in the world and that should shake us awake!

Water wars might be a very realistic and big future issue and people and states will need to fight for water (and not too far from now!) – so help to stand up that water will stay a common good! If groundwater usage ressources will be private and even worth, in the hands of one company, our life will depend on them!

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