We all remember the Ebola virus that killed thousands of people in Africa.

We will never know how many Africans died because of the pharmaceutical trials that were experienced on the people or because of the virus.

Africa…, what a history and how many people and especially children still need to die before we really save this continent without exploiting it but caring!

Ebola: I have my own opinion about this devastating killer-virus:

The virus spread like a studied design on a map: here in this country and region and there (far away) in this country and again far away here and there. We all know how big and vast the African continent expands and we all should question the distribution of the Ebola virus. Looking on a map it seemed like a predefined distribution more than a expansion model of a virus!

All experiences that we have about viruses, diseases show a distribution from one part enlarging and enlarging and infecting the neighbours country and enlarging from there again. Of course unpredictable contamination occurs especially through traveler’s but a design like in Africa and for Ebola, I’m quiet sure that I can say, that never happened and isn’t clear until today.

From doctors working in the field and fighting Ebola in Africa with all their strength and courage and risking their own lifes, I heard some very thoughtful comments, like the arrival of unlabelled boxes containing unlabelled medication with red, yellow and other coloured medicine and injections to try on infected people…?

So what is this?

We all know that the world and governments are very afraid of all kind of viruses used as weapons; a new kind of war. 

What if, Ebola needed to be tested and if antidotes needed to be developed and tested? And if so, why not in Africa where demographic predications are not positively seen and populations grow more and more? Where else to test a literally “send out” killer-virus?

Pharmaceutical industry leads the world together with only a few other multinationals. Are we sure that they would never test a virus attack like Ebola?

Big leaders and governments testing a new “war scene” ? 

The reasons might be: “in case of a virus attack”, they need to be prepared, but could we agree on this kind of tests?

Since I heard of the unlabelled boxes and medication I’m thoughtful and doubtful about 

what really happened.

I wish to end my opinion by celebrating the real heroes in the fight against Ebola: all involved doctors, helpers and NGOs fighting right there, on the ground and trying to save as many people and children as possible, risking their own lifes! THANK YOU