Forever milk is given to our babies, we “all ” grew up with milk, milk and more milk and we are sure and advertisement teaches us that milk is very important and especially that milk is healthy.

Is it healthy? 

In this opinion I’m just talking about cow milk.

Now I’m questioning if cow milk not only makes grow up our babies, but does it also make grow cells? All kind of cells? Does it promote the development of cells, Tumor cells? generally malignant cells?

Many people actually know about something,  they stay away from cow milk and switched to soya –  oat – almond and other milk products, but what do we know?

Does milk make grow all, some or specific malignant cells? 

Scientific works show that cow milk promote and change hormone related Tumor cells, like prostate and breast tumors.

A simple question that nobody wants to answer properly with a YES or NO.

I understand that the many vegetarians, vegans and the people that try to live healthy make the food industry change (for good), lose money and even risk immense deficits today, but WE need to be properly informed. Disinformation or doubts can make the industry even bring bigger losses!

A great statement that Denzel Washington gave:

“If you don’t read media you are uninformed,  if you read media you are missinformed!” 

I would like to know, if cow milk is good or not! Very simple, but difficult to get proper answers!

Prostate cancer cells & milk

Milk promoting prostate cancer